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"I think of a hero as someone who understands the degree of responsibility that comes with power and freedom."
Bob Dylan
From Objectives to Values

Taypa has combined a Management by Objectives (MBO) perspective with a Management by Values (MBV) view. Right from the very beginning, we stressed the “MBO philosophy” in an effort to provide maximum customer satisfaction.

Eventually, however, we came to realize that everything had changed; technology, customers, the environment around the customers, the market -- all had changed. The stakeholders’ view of the world had changed. People had become more values-oriented, in search of meaning.

Hence our shift from an MBO perspective to an MBOV perspective: MBO inclusive of shared values. “Managing by Values” is both more humane and efficient in an interdependent world. We strongly believe that the values we share with our people, customers, and society at large form the basis of organizational meaning and efficacy.
Taypa systematically evaluates the opinions of its customers and uses them to improve its organization. The first principle of our quality system is to prevent faults rather than depend on end-controls to repair or eliminate them.

Constant measurement and analyses of our processes and their results lead to the improvement of our systems. These activities benefit not only Taypa’s customers, workers, suppliers and shareholders, but the emerging global community, as well.