HR Activities

We support continuous development to enhance employee competencies and satisfaction, and cooperate with the independent organizations and universities.

In 2016, we organized with İstanbul Şehir University a 20.000-hours “Employee Development and Motivation” training for our employees.

We have realized the “Future in My Pocket” project with the Habitat Association in order to make our employees happier in their social lives.

We have provided our 220 employees in 2016 and 120 new employees in the first half of 2017 with the professional training together with the Turkish Employment Organization (İş-Kur).

We have organized trainings and seminars for the undergraduate and graduate students in İstanbul Şehir, Ege, 9 Eylül, Uludağ, Mimar Sinan and Marmara University in order to convey our knowledge to the next generations.

In 2016, we took actions according to the results of the Employee Satisfaction Survey conducted by İstanbul Şehir University in order to increase Employee Satisfaction. We have established management KPIs in order to follow employee satisfaction on the basis of departments.

For 2017, we have developed projects and allocated resources in order to increase employee satisfaction and safety.

We organize iftar programs, department events, social activities, football tournaments for integration of our employees.

We organize April 23 painting contest, book donation campaign for our children; while we organize innovation and productivity project contests for our young talents.

We have successfully passed the international audits, such as Sedex, BSCI, WCA which we have received in order to improve ourselves.

We develop projects and perform audits with our renewed and strengthened CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) team in order to increase the satisfaction and safety of our employees as well as our suppliers.