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"Before anything else, preparation is the key to success."
Alexander Graham Bell

Taypa plans, organizes and manufactures in the most effective way. The operators’ productivity in the production units are measured by a bar coded system, on-line and real time. Taypa consistently develops and carries out cost reduction projects to be able to give the most competitive prices and ensure the highest customer satisfaction.
The sewing lines of our factories combine qualified human skill with a coherent system and advanced technology. Taypa has heavily invested in technology and automation to reach the utmost productivity in the production of trousers.
The essential requirement for quality sewing is quality cutting. This quality can only be achieved with high technology devices. Taypa is at the cutting-edge of technology.

Tay Group as a whole is widely considered as the technological powerhouse of the Turkish apparel market serving global brands.

Centralized CAD / CAM Facility
GGT v8 (Gerber Garment Technology) computerized pattern & marker system

- Pattern Digitizing
- Pattern Grading
- Lay Planning & Marker Printing
- Cutting

Fully equipped and automated sewing lines
Different types of fashion washes (a separate laundry for samples)
Fully equipped finishing Lines.

Centralized Laboratory

- Shading and Panel Controls
- Shrinkage Tests
- Dry Rub Tests

Home Type Washing and Drying Tests

At the initial stages of production, fast and exact cutting is carried out through automated cutters and spreaders. The aim is exact checking during production by applying marking and classification after the cutting process. The finishing work is also thorough and reliably excellent. Finishing section is redesigned for production efficiency and quality effectiveness.