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"The secret of all victory lies in the organization of the non-obvious."
Marcus Aurelius, Roman emperor

Taypa is the ready-made garments supply organization company of the Tay Group. It organizes marketing and purchasing activities of the woven and jersey productions of the group. Taypa coordinates the production of casual and formal, ladies and men’s products both in jersey and wovens. Woven garments include denim and non-denim, mainly trousers but also skirts, shorts and jackets. It has direct control over the group’s apparel manufacturing firms, namely Taypa, Tayeks, Yeni Dünya, Tays Orme and Trend in Turkey; T&C in Egypt and T&S in Bangladesh. Taypa as the central company organises the operation and the product development of the whole group.


Taypa’s business operations are organized in Customer Focused Teams. Every team has its own Sample Making, Production Planning, Purchasing, and Logistics functions.

The Customer Focused Teams deploy sophisticated information communication technology to coordinate Taypa’s state of the art manufacturing plants. Each factory is fully equipped to respond to customer demands in a fast moving marketplace without compromise to technical or quality assured specifications.


Taypa supplies and organizes the business activities of the below companies within the group acting in three complementary fields:

Garment making

Woven Tops & Bottoms (Denim & Non-Denim):
Taypa, Tayeks, Yeni Dünya, T & C Egypt, T & S Bangladesh

Woven Fabric (Non-Denim)

Laundry(Denim &Non-Denim, jersey)