Tay Group is proud to announce that after having 42 years experience in denim garment manufacturing, it has started medical textile production under Meditay brand. Meditay will be producing 2 Million masks per day which fully comply with the medical standards with 400 employees in its own factory of 1.500 squaremeter area. The annual production target will be 700 Million units for both domestic and overseas markets.

Disinfection Process: First, all staff must follow a list of steps starting with hand and whole-body disinfection after changing their usual clothes to their lab coats, pants, and medical shoes, with disposable gloves and bonnet. Visitors must wear shoe covers and a mask after passing through the visitor disinfection room. In order to enter our production field, all visitors and employees must measure their temperature on our high-tech facial scanner, the temperature control includes automatic mask wear monitoring which allows access to the interior. (If there is any problem such as fever or faulty wear of a mask, the door remains closed). As for the basic needs of the staff, the whole process above must be redone since entry and exit are through different doors.

Air Treatment: Inside our production field, thanks to our e-operational water filtration system, the fresh air passes through a water filter 6 times per hour and is given inside after the elimination of its humidity. This is the most hygienic ventilation option available today.

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