About Us

The story of TAYPA started in 1977 as Mesut Toprak, the founder of the company, traded in fabric. It brought together all its companies under the same roof of TAYPA in the early years of 2000 by increasing the volume of foreign trade with ready-made clothing and apparel exports over the years and expanding the field of activity with the different companies affiliated with it.

The management, procurement, design, marketing, customer relations, financial affairs, human resources and information technologies activities are performed in TAYPA Headquarters located in Beylikdüzü, İstanbul; apparel production is realized in the plants located in Silivri and Bolu, washing production carried out in Ergene. The group has a monthly production capacity of 800.000 pieces in Turkey operation. In 2015, a Washing Plant with an R&D department of 1000 square meters was established in Ergene, Tekirdağ.

TAYPA maintaining its product diversification and development activities at the R&D center and organizing joint workshops with the world’s leading companies in the washing industry is a fashion supplier that offers its customers the washing trends beyond meeting the customer requests.

Since its establishment, TAYPA has continued to be a strategic business partner adding value to the world’s brands with its best trends, fast and flexible service approach and “Magic 5F Fast, Flexible, Fashion, Focus, Friendly” approach all over the design and production phases.

Providing, today, the leading brands of the world with the production and design services for denim and non-denim products with its quality, reliable and fast service, and exporting 85% of its production which it performs with its nearly 3000 employees in a closed area of a total of 75 thousand square meters in the ready-made and apparel sectors, TAYPA is among Turkey’s Top 500 Large Industrial Organizations.

Having achieved a growth of 100% in pieces of production since 2016, TAYPA aims to maintain its growth by taking a more active role in the European and Mediterranean Basin.