Sustainability Report

Nowadays, when we surpassed our 40th year with the value that we have created and with the experience that we have acquired, we have become one of the biggest and reputable institutions of our sector.

This quality of ours makes us responsible against our sector, our country and also against the world. We realize that the values that we contribute to our environment is not just about financial tables. We believe that we may carry out bigger affairs for the future generations. In this scope, we have decided to prepare this report for the purpose of sharing our experiences.

The idea of “leaving a more livable world to the future generations” are so much in parallel with the values that have carried Taypa to nowadays, so that this report reflects one part of the 40-year vision of our company. An honest, transparent, open and effective communication with its stakeholders. We realize that we can only reach this target for which we feel responsible only with all of the stakeholders in our supply and manufacturing chain. We know that the activities that have been carried out on behalf of sustainability are not sustainable as they only focused on environmental and social impacts.

We try to achieve positive outcomes in the economic impact which is the missing part of the tripartite relationship. While both minimizing the environmental impacts with correct analyses in the projects that we have carried out and that we will carry out, we also try to make contributions in the social and economic areas and we aim to provide the continuity of the related projects. We realize that the sources do not belong to us. While our resource usage and waste production reduction activities increasingly continue, we seek the ways to regain our possible waste.

Our through approach allow us to have a holistic sustainability vision from the resource to the waste. We believe that we may add newer values besides many values that we have contributed in regards to this purpose alongside with our customers, suppliers, workers and all actors that take place in our value chain.

- We value the balance of the environment as well as economic growth,

- We consider both today’s and tomorrow’s generations’ needs,

- We see no difference between the interests of the company and the social interests,

- We work with the consciousness of responsibility not just only by focusing on profit.

While preparing Sustainability Report we have examined many samples around the world. For the purpose of making a difference, we have decided to place more emphasis on sharing visual information. Thus, in this regard, we would like to announce with great happiness that the doors of our establishment is open for all the details that would be needed regarding the matters that take place in our report.

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