Supply Organization

TAYPA and its subsidiaries have structured their supply organization in the Mediterranean Basin in order to provide fast, quality and sustainable service to the global brands of the world. Based on this structuring, TAYPA continues its investments in order to realize its vision of being a global supplier.

In Turkey, 3.000 employees work at its own facilities with a closed area of 75,000 m² in 4 different locations and 8 million pieces of garments are produced per year.

In Egypt, 2.500 employees work in the denim washing and garment plant with a closed area of 45.000 m² and 6 million pieces of garments are produced per year.

In Serbia, it is aimed employ 2.500 persons and to produce 7 million pieces per year in the denim washing and garment plant, which is planned to be completed by the end of 2018.

Our offices located in New York and London, we provide the global brands of USA and UK with marketing services.

Established in partnership of TAYPA and the Algerian state, TAYAL SPA will be the largest textile production facility in the Europe and Eastern Mediterranean basin, together with its Organized Textile Industrial Zone to spread over a total of 250 hectares of land. The project planned to be completed in 10 years will be realized in 3 main stages of investments, and 10 thousand people will be employed when the first stage of the textile industry site will be completed in 2019; and a total of 25 thousand people shall be employed when the other stages are completed within a period of 10 years.